TK Full Glass Demountable Partition Walls


The sleekest unobstructed full glass seamless demountable wall system on the market. Maximize your spaces potential with the solid yet minimalist TK full glass system by allowing the free flow of light and the conservation of floor space. The TK full glass partition wall system is extensively customizable, creating the look you need. Add value to your space sooner with quick lead times and installation. Enrich your design with class by including the TK full glass wall system in boardrooms or office fronts to impressively add privacy for clients and employees.


The TK full glass partition wall system is a suitable solution for creating new office space arrangements and separating workplaces, taking into consideration the changing needs of office premises. TK full glass partition wall systems are designed as glass modules. These glass walls allow for a maximum unrestricted view since there are only profiles at the top and bottom of the glass and sides if requested. There are no vertical profiles between the glass panels.

The glass partition is held from above by 30x39mm aluminum clamp profiles that have side covers or by a 21x40mm sealed U-profile. At the bottom the glass is normally supported by a 15x15mm U-profile or a 35x100mm rectangular profile.
The surface of the TK aluminum profiles is typically natural anodized or they can be painted according to the RAL catalogue.
As a special solution it is possible to use painted or veneered MDF profiles.

Where modules meet at a corner, the top and bottom of the profiles are cut according to the specific angle. In the case of a right angle, the sheets of glass are fixed in a way that one sheet covers the other. For any other angle, the sheets of glass are fixed at that angle. The glass edges are always straight and never cut on an angle.

Sliding doors are hung from Wallenium’s standard track system with a special 30×39 mm clamp that extends for the total length of the glass.
In the case of hinged doors, the hardware and handles from various manufacturers can be used.

The TKU door option shown in the first three pictures is a full glass door in an aluminum frame with gaskets. An automated bottom seal can also be added to the door in order to improve sound insulation.
Dimensions of the TKU door frame profiles are 39(55) x 47 mm. As another solution, the TKU framing can incorporate a wood door leaf.

Warranty: 2 years (valid only when installed by Wallenium Partition Walls)