TKS Full-Glass Movable Wall


Wallenium’s TKS full-glass single paneled movable wall system is ideal for dividing and creating rooms.
The single paneled movable glass wall system consists of glass panes without vertical profiles which are not interconnected and when the wall is open, the panels are stacked at the end of the track in the stacking area.

The TKS movable wall panels are composed of individual panes of glass that have bottom and top profiles attached which are made from aluminum. Each panel is hung from the ceiling track and is equipped with carriages with bearings for the panel to move along the ceiling supported top guide rail profile, allowing opening and closing of the wall. In order to open the wall, the panels are stacked in the stacking area which can be designed in various different arrangements (pictures of stacking configurations are bellow). Because the wall hangs from the ceiling, it is important for the installation of the wall that the wall is attached to something solid (i.e. concrete ceiling, steel structure, wood beam etc.).
The first panel is always fastened to the ground and can be left open and used as a passage way or it can be used as a door as well.

Every panel of the TKS movable wall is equipped with a sunken stopper with a latch which is used to lock the wall into an opening recessed into the floor. The openings in the floor are covered with templates which are supplied with the wall. If required, the first panel which can be used as a door can be fitted with a lock (Abloy or DIN cylinder).

The movable walls top guide rail profiles and the panels top and bottom profiles standard finish is naturally anodized aluminum. If required, the profiles can also be painted according to the RAL catalogue.
8-12mm thick tempered safety glass is used.



Thickness: 35mm (profile thickness)

Weight m²: 25-40 kg/m², depending on the glass thickness

Max height: 4000mm

Panel width: Min 400mm / Max 1200mm

Warranty: 2 years (valid only when installed by Wallenium Partition Walls)