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"All alone and I like it..."

Space 1
(floor area: ~4 x 4 ft)

The smallest pod brings the greatest relief. Space 1 puts your workspace to the most efficient use by creating an island of silence in any space.
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Space 1.5
 (floor area: ~4 x 5 ft)

Space 1.5 brings extra room for uninterrupted work sessions. It is a flexible island of silence for work in louder open office concepts.
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Space 2
(floor area: ~8 x 4 ft)

Space 2 is a quiet and stylish interior space element perfect for one-on-one interviews and consultations or for private meetings for up to 4 people.
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"Connecting with friends and growing..."

Space 2.5
(floor area: ~8 x 6 ft)

Space 2.5 is a more spacious and modular one-person workstation available also as a meeting space for up to 6 people.
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Space 4
(floor area: ~8 x 8 ft)

Space 4 fits four to eight people for efficient brainstorming sessions or longer meetings that require everyone to be on the same wavelength.
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Space 4.5
(floor area: ~8 x 10 ft)

Extended S4 variation with more space for team meetings, private conversations, presentations, and uninterrupted work.
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Space 6
(floor area: ~8 x 12 ft)

Space 6 is a 3-unit model from Silen’s offer. It can fit 12 people with plenty of space for creative teams to embark on wild idea expeditions.
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Space Max
(floor area: ~9×8 ft)

This extra-large acoustic booth brings an extended interior width for more variable usage and furniture setups and a wider, brighter inside space.
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Space Max 2X
(floor area:~9 x 16 ft)

The largest booth for those who depend on creative group meetings for bigger teams. This acoustic space will fit all of your needs.
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"Everyone can join..."

Workstation Hybrid
(floor area: ~6 x 4 ft)

Workstation Hybrid is the smallest accessible booth with a wide door and low doorstep that works as a perfect getaway in an open office for one person.
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Space 2 Hybrid
(floor area: ~8 x 4 ft)

Space 2 Hybrid is an S2 modular pod modification with the addition of a low doorstep, wide door or other optional add-ons. It is barrier-free and works for preferred touch-free usage.
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Space 2.5 Hybrid
(floor area: ~8 x 6 ft)

Space 2.5 Hybrid acoustic booth perfectly works as a one-person accessible workstation or meeting room for up to 6 people.
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Space 4 Hybrid
(floor area: ~8 x 8 ft)

Space 4 Hybrid allows others to join in on the conversation and have a more extensive meeting. It fits up to 4 wheelchair users, otherwise up to 8 side-by-side.
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