future solutions are created

with existing adaptable design

Space 1

For uninterrupted calls.
Silen's smallest Space brings the greatest relief. Space 1 puts your work space to most efficient use by creating an island of silence in an open office.

Space 2

For a smooth dialogue.
Space 2 is a stylish interior space element that separates the high focus work area from its more relaxed cousins.

Space 4

More space for ideas.
Space 4 cozily fits four but also without any hassle up to eight people for an efficient brainstorming session or for a longer meeting that requires everyone to be on the same wavelength.

Space 6

For thinking big.
Space 6 comes with plenty of space for creative teams to embark on wild idea expeditions.

single spaces and products that have multifunctional uses to get the most productivity out of an organizations members

open office look
with a closed door feel


realize the value
of your space

Silen space soundproof room is movable. It has wheels for easy relocation and that’s how this attractive acoustic pod becomes a movable space. With our acoustic room – Space 2 you can also create bigger spaces and transform your office booth to a spacious private office or full – size meeting room. The features of modularity, movability and easy installation process also provide you an option to simply move out and move into a new space with your old Silen quiet pods whenever needed. Be smart and furnish your open space office with our modular phone booths, study pods, and meeting booths!

realize the value
of your space

Do you need privacy? Silen Space acoustic pods are perfect solution. Applying these soundproof rooms to the office project brings silence, privacy and reduces noise in loud open spaces.  Our quiet movable booths are made of acoustic panels and acoustic glass to secure a high level of sound insulation for your meeting room, private office or quiet workspace. Bring your business environment to a new level and prosper using the smartest solution on the market!


make your office
space better

make your office
space better


pods grow and move
with your company

A wide range of Silen products and their combination offers you endless possibilities of creating an ideal workspace for employees. While Space 1 works as a phone booth that is perfectly suitable for private phone call conversations, Space 2 meeting pod brings numerous options of usage thanks to its modularity. By creating bigger spaces you can transform these soundproof rooms to an acoustic private office, spacious meeting rooms and move them around in your space. Silen Space quiet booths replace walls and could be used as a space division to create zones necessary at an effective workplace.

pods grow and move
with your company


combine them

move them around

play with colors



Silence is the basic component we need in order to focus at your work space. Silen Space acoustic booth is your silent team mate.

Easy to install

Space will be installed by installation teams. This movable soundproof room is designed to constantly match the changing needs.


Silen space office booth is a living organism just like your company – it grows, shrinks and moves around. It’s a movable pod on the wheels.

Plug & Play

Once installed you can easily plug the Silen Space phone booth, study or meeting pod to your outlet from the floor or ceiling.

with Silen
in mind.

silen your space

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