Flexible work areas.

Simple, multifunctional spaces
to get the most productivity out of your organization.

Silen space soundproof rooms are portable. They have wheels for easy relocation, turning your static office layout into a dynamic workspace. With our Space 2 acoustic room you can also create bigger spaces and transform a few separate booths into an office or meeting room. The features of modularity and easy installation also provide you the option of simply moving into a new space with your Silen quiet pods whenever needed. Be smart and furnish your open space office with our modular phone booths, study pods, and meeting booths!

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Prioritize focus and realize the full potential of your ideas.

Do you need privacy? Silen Space acoustic pods are perfect solution. Installing these soundproof rooms in the office project brings silence, privacy and reduces ambient noise in open spaces.  Our quiet, portable booths are made of acoustic glass and panels to secure a high level of sound insulation for your meeting room, private office or workspace. Lower your distracting sound levels and raise your potential using the smartest solution on the market!

Safety Features


All of the products in the Silen Space range are certified under the premier North American Standard UL 962. As part of the certification, they also passed the ASTM E84 standard fire tests and were awarded Class A in fire resistance.


All of our products contain a low consumption quiet air circulation system with a circulation speed of more than 27 liters per second, keeping your workspace fresh throughout the day.


The outside walls, tabletops, and door handles are covered with a medical grade antibacterial laminate. 99.9% of bacteria is filtered out every minute via an optional HEPA filter available for all models.

Open office look

with a closed-door feel.

Open office look with a closed-
door feel.



Resize, pick your favourite colour, furnish and order. Get the Silen pod of your choice within a few clicks.

GET THE ACOUSTIC POD OF YOUR CHOICE WITHIN A FEW CLICKS. CONFIGURE YOUR ACOUSTIC BOOTH IN POD ADVANTAGE ONLINE STORE OR EXPLORE Flexible subscription plans WITH Monthly payments, quick arrival, and lower upfront costs for the best acoustic solution.

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