…are sustainable.
…are sustainable…
tested & certified.
tested & certified

UL 962

It is more

than privacy...

… it’s an opportunity.
Silen Space was born from a wish to feel free. Besides the chance to work in one flow without interruptions,  our acoustic pods are the freedom choice because of their endless flexibility. They can be installed or disassembled within a few hours and once installed they can still be moved around your space adapting to your short- or long-term needs.

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Our acoustic booths are more sustainable than any other concurrent product. This feature is a result of thoughtfully picked materials, timeless design and the most important –  conceptual thinking that allows you to bring your acoustic pods wherever your new location is. Silen Space pods can be upgraded and expanded without creating any unnecessary waste.

Space that supports

Space that supports

Space that supports

a mind on an exploration.

a mind on an exploration.

a mind on an exploration.

Space that supports

a mind on an exploration.

Just like silence can be created by eliminating noisy details, a sustainable future can be built by removing unhealthy elements and habits. An incredible level of adaptability of our acoustic pods makes these products reusable when moving your office to a new location. You can take your pods with you as they are not permanently built into the environment. No need to buy anything new.

No waste


The energy efficient spot lights and LED strips.

Using more local or recycled materials.

Fully recyclable materials when life cycle of our pods comes to an end.

Design and materials that ensure our pods have a long life.

You can change your pod size without having to throw away the old product for a new module.

Thanks to the wheels you can roll your Silen pods and change their location.

We Believe in Silence...

And in Future

Built to last with
sourced materials.

Due to its long life span, our acoustic booths stand out ecologically and economically. Choosing an office pod as a private and acoustic solution to your business space is the only sustainable decision.

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