Recycled fabrics

New fabrics from Camira partnership with the Seaqual Initiative

Available in 27 colour shades for pods exterior sides, built-in stools and modular sofas.
Lightly textured fabric woven entirely from recycled plastic. 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, including 75% SEAQUAL® YARN.

Textile exterior sides

available in 27 colour shades

Swappable exterior skins

Silen dynamics generation

In addition to the modular and portable features of Silen acoustic booths, Silen Dynamics offers a new level of flexibility. Now, you can effortlessly swap your pod faces, transforming your office space design with ease. With Silen Dynamics, your acoustic pod gains even greater durability. Update the look of your Space booth without the need to purchase a new booth. Simply replace the pod’s trims or exterior sides to give it a fresh, updated appearance.

Silence is golden

learn how your office space could benefit from acoustic pods

our soundproof pods provide the best balance of quality, style and acoustics. these Acoustic booths will reduce distractions in any open space. watch how important is to work in quiet space where everyone can focus and create!

Neocon is back !

fresh news from Chicago.


new, better & limitless.

Design, combine and explore the options using our new, improved online tool for building a unique acoustic booth. Get creative - mix and match materials and colours. Configure, ask for a quote and simply wait until your new silent friend arrives and lightens up your home or business!

Record breaking silence.

Silen pods break records for sound reduction

In light of a recent paper, Silen decided to perform some noise testing on the flagship product and results scored it a DS,A= 30.5 dB, breaking records for sound isolation in its class. This performance can be yours with one or many of our customizable Silen Space booths.

Chatbox: Privacy, simplified.

From the designers of Silen Space, reworked for the essentials.

Not everyone needs all the features offered by our flagship model, but everyone deserves the privacy and accessibility it provides. The Chatbox is a more affordable alternative with the same high quality design to make the most out of your space.

Catch up with AR.

AR 3D models now available

Be creative and catch up with the latest trends - go digital! try Augmented Reality models by Vrmarts. Explore all of our acoustic pods in AR. Use your mobile device with web-based AR viewer to place a product of your choice to your space. arrange and inspect products' materials, dimensions and other features in virtual environment.

Our digital platform.

inspiring and useful digital content

VRMARTS is a digital platform that provides a unique virtual interactive experience. Get inspired by 3d-360 tours and visit a space of your choice or all of vrmarts' virtual locations. Explore acoustic modular pod solutions and partition wall products in different digital office or residential environments and see how dynamic their usage can be. Analyze all interior designed booth set-ups, wall and furniture customizations. To create or view custom pod and space configurations visit the VRMARTS shop to download 3D AR models.

Explore the future business.

See how changeable your space can be with Silen.

SILEN understands your flexible needs. Investment in Silen Space pods becomes a progressive way of thinking about your business and the future of it. We need our space to be safer than ever before. people seek for a private work station and social distancing is same important as the acoustic feature. Silen acoustic booths fulfill your expectations and provide additional features such as movability and modularity. this way you can easily transform your office space according to your current demands.

u p d a t e !
visit our virtual showrooms to explore
how safe and modern work environment looks with silen.

Morning with Silen.

Network and mingle with other
like minded professionals.

We organised and enjoyed a morning warm-up and get inspired by Silen - acoustic office pods. You joined us for a casual morning of conversation, exchanging ideas and networking with our Vancouver design community. This event brought together some of the most dynamic and creative professionals in our city to network and built new connections.

Silen's products certified and awarded !​

Silen has the entire product range certified under the premier North American Standard UL 962, which is recognized by all agencies and is highly trusted safety and quality symbol for buyers, distributors insurers and regulators.

As part of the certification, Silen's products also passed ASTM E84 standard fire tests and were awarded Class A in fire resistance.

These certificates guarantee that all of our products are safe for use in the work environment and they are fully compliant with US and Canadian requirements.

Read more here

At the show.

Weekend with the Silen Space.

Visitors of Interior Design Show could experience three different sizes of our newest product - Silen Space 1, 2 and Space 4. Line ups to try our acoustic pods were eye-catching.

IDS weekend.

It was so busy in our Silen Space pods this weekend!

IDS party.

Great start of the Silen Space at IDS 2019 opening party!


Meet our best product at the show.

"Igniting innovation & celebrating design tradition". Silen Space pods will be featured at IDS West Vancouver on September 26 -29th! Come visit our booths and experience the Silen Space.


Throwback to Chicago.

NeoCon was bursting with excitement of exhibitors and visitors alike. Silen Space office pods were part of the exhibition too.


Glass partitions for your office.

TK glass walls come in various different options from full glass partitions to soft framed industrial appearance. They are suitable not only for office but also residential spaces.

Are you a designer?


Use The Silen Space to build spacious meeting rooms, create zones or include Silen in your space as an acoustic private office. Be creative using or products instead of regular walls!